What Does a Branding Agency Do?

With the onset of technology, it is extremely vital to have an online presence to survive in the market. A branding agency will do exactly that for your company. It helps your company to build brand awareness and nurture it to create a brand personality. The need to hire a reliable branding agency is to help your company carve a niche for you in your respective field. Now let’s look at some ways a branding agency can help establish your virtual existence.


A brand agency can offer the following benefits for you.

Brand Strategy

In this ever-changing world it is imperative to have a brand development strategy. Branding strategy not only helps your company set up a framework on how to develop a brand awareness but also, help your brand stand afar from the rest. The integral part of a brand development strategy should include the company’s vision, the promise to the customer, and a clear communication plan to convey it to the relevant people in the company.

Developing a successful branding strategy starts with asking the right questions and a branding agency can take that burden off of you.

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Brand Strategy & Branding Identity

We had an amazing and exciting brand experience building Strategy, Identity, and Packaging Services for AyurVridhi.


We made a roadmap to differentiate them from their competitors by highlighting all their Unique selling points with innovative visual identity.

2. Logo Designing

“Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” —Saul Bass

There are logos and then there are great logos. The logo is the first thing that your audience will relate to. It should tell a story. It symbolizes your business. It is a crucial aspect of your brand’s identity.

Though a logo might seem easy to create, designing a great logo requires a lot of thought put into it. It requires a lot of market research, understanding your target audience, and the nuances of logo designing. A logo design agency with the help of people with expertise in the area can deliver a bunch of options to choose from. That is when you can come up with a logo that describes value and help set a tone for the rest of marketing plans.

Check out Vowels’ Work

Innovate Stationaries

Identity and Logo Designing

The brand, Innovative Stationaries approached us to alter its Identity and provide them will creative Logo designs.

Thus, we did some research, and after carefully selecting colors, font, and style, we incorporated everything together to highlight the grandeur and luxury element.


Hence, we designed their Identity and logo elegantly by keeping the sophistication element in mind.

3. Corporate Rebranding

Corporate rebranding is where a company goes through a series of changes in their brand’s attributes, such as the name, logo, color, etc to change the organization’s corporate image. To rebrand, is to convey that the brand is changing and adapting with the time. The topmost conclusion for rebranding is to better connect with your audience. Corporate rebranding requires a lot of research, like behavioral segmentation, brand auditing, logo redesigning, and a lot more to know the market before putting in the effort. A re-branding agency can provide an in-depth analysis and provide the do’s and don’ts of the process.

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Excelsis Group Renewable Energy.

Brand Identity & Guidelines

Global Brand Hansa Global is now known as Excelsis Business Solutions. We did their rebranding and brand guidelines per their new business goals.

Hence, our expert team at Vowels created a new brand identity with guidelines by incorporating their objective of powering the world through renewable energy. For this, we initiated the concept of focused razor letter marks and symbols representing the Earth, Sun, and Sea.

Excelsis Group Renewable Energy

Hence, the new logo speaks manifestly with its audience. Lastly, the guidelines help the brand execute its visual appearance better creatively.

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4. Brand Identity

” Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” -Jonah Sachs, American Author.

Brand identity design, simply put, is a collection of all tangible and intangible elements that make your brand what it is such as, the logo, the color, font, the moral values, company’s vision.

It is the way your customers perceive your brand. It is the uniqueness that helps your brand become instantly recognizable amongst the crowd. To develop a brand identity, it is vital to design your marketing strategies with keeping your core values and principles at the center.

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The Fashion Net Ecommerce

Brand Identity Services

We were asked to create a branding style that shows the brand’s progressive nature. The goal was to make the digital presence of The Fashion Net Ecommerce

Strong, sleek and attractive in the market.

The Fashion Net

Thus, we did a lot of research and made branding rules that would help the client ace their domain. Hence, we designed a logo that identified their goals and showed them a progressive identity. Our bold style statement and alignment portrayed what the client always wanted.

5. Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines is a set of well-defined rules and standards which conveys how the brand should be portrayed to the people. Having a set of predefined rules can help your brand stay consistent. It is kind of a cheat book that amalgamates the overall look and feel of your brand.
Key elements to include in the guidelines,

  1. Information on brand’s history, mission, vision, and values
  2. Logo usage, color, font
  3. Tone of voice
  4. Business cards and letterhead designs etc.

There is no formula for creating brand guidelines. But a branding agency should keep the above-mentioned few points in mind while creating one.

Check out our works


Re-branding & Brand Guidelines

The sweets brand Mamta wanted to re-brand its appearance and create a new set of guidelines that could match the current trend.

Mamta - Packaging Design

Therefore, we created guidelines and transformed their image with amazing purpose-driven designs that show clarity, balance, and passion.

6. Vowels as a Branding Agency

We understand the labor and grind behind building a company from scratch. The amount of time and effort required to create something that you love is of paramount importance to us, and that’s why we offer our best when it comes to developing your brand. We got you covered in all aspects of your marketing endeavors.

7. FAQs

Q. What is a branding agency?

Ans. A branding agency is a firm that specializes in creating and launching brands and rebranding. The role of a branding agency is to create, plan, measure, and manage branding strategies for clients, including support in advertising and other forms of promotion.

Q. How do you find the right branding agency?

Ans. Finding the right branding agency is of utmost importance. The right branding agency should align with the vision and belief of your company. To find the right branding agency you need to ask questions to the new potential hires to understand whether they are in sync with your vision.

Q. What is branding?

Ans. Simply put, a process to develop and nurture a brand. The brand provides meaning to the company and its goods and services. It is the overall experience of the customer with your company.

Q. Does a logo itself enough to call it branding?

Ans. Branding is not enough with just a simple logo. We understand that cost may be important for deciding what to cover in branding. However, the logo is not enough to cover the entire branding concept. Especially a poorly designed brand will never be able to tell its story and will fail to target the audience.

Q. What’s the difference between getting branding done from fiver/Upwork vs. an agency?

Ans. High-quality work requires more effort, research, a consistent approach, and a higher understanding of the industry. Hiring someone from a fiver for just $5 will not be able to make it unique like experts in agencies can do.

Especially when it comes to logos, creating designs and adjusting color schemes is very important to get it done by agencies. They have a team of professional experts designated to use their market knowledge to provide the best logo, brand guidelines, and strategy matching company goals.

Q. How can Vowels Agency help its clients?

Ans. As design and branding experts, we follow a systematic system to achieve our desired results. We divide our work into milestones, and clients are always shown all the updates before moving to the next step.

We believe in transparency in all our projects. We always cover all the demands of our clients with our services. Click here to see our services.

Q. What industries has the Vowels Agency worked with till now?

Ans. We have created some amazing design and branding work for many businesses. However, till now, we have covered sectors like Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality, Energy, Ecommerce, Mobile, Food, and Beverage Industries.