Thinking About Redesigning Your Logo? Here’s How You Know It’s Time


“Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” —Saul Bass

Having a well-designed logo and a distinct brand identity is crucial for the success of any brand. It represents your company, emphasizes your strengths, and reflects your core values while executing such an important task of being memorable and creating an impact. While logo harbours a herculean task of being the face of the brand, it is a hard reality that no matter how good the design is, at some point, it will become old and outdated.


The fading relevance or outdated design is something a brand will continue to notice every time they encounter the future. The pivotal role of a logo is to tell the right story about the company. It should convey your personality and make the customers make a unique recollection of your company.

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But with the changing times, design sensibilities, and norms change. The company’s culture changes and the logo that once spoke volumes may no longer make sense when you undergo a substantial shift in your business. In such circumstances, rebranding or redesigning the logo must not be scrutinized rather than normalized.

In this blog, we will discuss how to tackle the redesigning of the new logo, when is the best time to leap, and how it can offer a fresh perspective to your company.

When Is The Best Time To Redesign The Logo?


A Shift In Company’s Direction

A shift in your company’s direction is a great opportunity to evaluate whether or not the logo still stands for the things your company promotes. Maybe your brand has pivoted, and the logo no longer represents your business. Maybe you have merged with another company and to accommodate both companies within a single brand entity is the goal. When these types of shifts occur, it is your cue to reevaluate your branding strategies, especially the logo for it is the face of the brand.

One of the most iconic examples of shifting direction is Penguin Random House. When the two major houses Penguin and Random House merged, the logo combined the logos of each publishing house. When redesigned, it was replaced by a minimalist logo that we witness today.


Outdated Design

The art of logo crafting has changed over the years. In today’s oversaturated market, brands that are dynamic yet rooted in their values manage to survive. Market and design technology change constantly, and to stay relevant your brand logo needs to adapt to those changing norms.

We wouldn’t recommend you to follow every trend but occasional touches refresh the logo and keep it from looking dated.

One such example is Google Chrome: when chrome launched, the logo was in signature brand colours but the design was 3D. It quickly became dated, and the company keeping a modern sensibility in mind redesigned the logo in 2D, the logo we cross almost every day.


Company Has Outgrown The Logo

When a company starts, it doesn’t always have endless resources at its disposal but as time goes by — money comes in, management has better clarity, and the company grows. The logo that was quickly put together to represent a single element seizes to represent this evolved version of the company. And that’s how you know it is time to redesign the logo.

One of the best examples of a company outgrowing a logo is Amazon. What started as an online bookstore now delivers from fresh produce to furniture. Along with that, it is also the world’s most competitive delivery service.


Things You Should Keep In Mind For A Good Redesign


Redesigned Logo Is Similar But Improved Version

A redesigned logo is not a new logo. A good redesign should have few elements of the previous logo in the new design for a sense of familiarity and to give customers a clear message that the design may have changed but the company’s core values haven’t.


Unfortunately, there are many times when despite our best intentions, redesigned logos are received poorly leading their owners to abandon them and come back to the old ones. Two examples of big brands that tried to offer a fresh visual identity but the results were complete disasters are MasterCard and Gap.


Take A New Approach And Market It

Introducing a new logo with an evolved approach towards business is the way to go. It will justify the change and create a buzz for the new marketing approach that you have in mind. However, it is important to understand that no one will ever be completely okay with the change. So, as a brand or a branding agency, all you can do is pave the way for change and convince them that it is all for the better.

Public Reaction Is Capital

Rebranding or redesigning is not a medium for CEO’s to mark territory, it is for clients as it is also their journey as much as it is yours. One of the common mistakes that businesses often make is to unveil their logo and consider their job done. It couldn’t be further from the truth. You have put it out to be perceived by the masses, it is equally important that you analyze their reactions before making it a permanent fixture of your brand.

Studying the opinion of the fans and loyal consumers are mandatory. If they appreciate the logo, then wonderful, the redesign was successful. If not, analyze if it is a mixed reaction or completely negative. Change is scary and it is normal to be unaccepting but usually, people warm up to the idea and learn to love it.

One such example is the transition of Instagram’s logo from the vintage camera to the one we love and use every single day.



Redesigning a logo is not a phase rather a necessity. It might look risky but to stay relevant, it is important to assess the effectiveness of your logo at every stage of growth. It is natural to get attached to a design that has grown with you but if you wish to truly represent everything your brand stands for. Don’t be afraid to go ahead. To minimize your anxiety, we recommend you do your research, understand your taste, and look around for inspiration.

Or you could leave the work up to branding agencies such as Vowels, who specialize in design and branding. If you wish to rebrand your own business whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

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