2E - 2Ergonomics Modern Furniture Brand

Brand Strategy & Logo Designing

Branding and logo designing for the furniture company with focus on Brand Vision. Brand Identity and Website design for 2Ergo.

2Ergonomics Furniture
2Ergo Style Guide
2Ergo brand style guide
2Ergo team
2Ergo logo design
2Ergo logo style guide
2Ergo communication style
2Ergo font style
2Ergo photograph style
2Ergo primary color style
2Ergo logo designing
2Ergo color combination style
2Ergo secondary colors
2Ergo brand identity
2Ergo identity design
2Ergo logo design concept
2Ergo identity design concept
2Ergo identity design style
2Ergo brand identity design style
2Ergo layout style
2Ergo pattern style
2Ergo pattern design
2Ergo color pattern
2Ergo pattern combination
2Ergo marketplace page design
2Ergo pattern designing
2Ergo packaging style
2Ergo packaging pattern
2Ergo social media page
2Ergo tablet page design
2Ergo thank you page design

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