Smart Packaging Is The Future: Packaging Strategies of HUL, ITC, Red Bull and more

The core aspects of the market centred on the impression of consumerism. Over the years, the market and its players have progressed significantly. Notably, the preference of the audience always made the centre stage of the strategies or innovation. Earlier, the facets of marketing principally cornered around visualization and graphic branding. This strategy was impactful and still holds firm ground. However, the emergence of smart packaging has created a new realm in the realm of marketing and promotion, influencing the consumer’s purchasing decisions. It is a comprehensive approach that ensures streamlined movement of the packed products to the targeted consumers and portrays the brand’s values. Let’s comprehend the meaning of smart packaging and its various aspects.


What is Smart Packaging?

Smart packaging is a comprehensive term that portrays the all-inclusive packaging embedded with the latest technologies, enhancing the safety of the products, providing essential information about the products and offering an immersive experience to the consumer. It is also tagged as intelligent, minimalist, interactive and active packaging. The multi-purpose and multi-dimensional approach includes optimization, customization and streamlining the product packing and essential functionalities during its transit.

It plays a vital role in protecting products from counterfeit, loss, theft and associated concerns. Importantly, doing it in an inclusive and productive way will serve various purposes, like marketing, attracting audiences, and creating a significant differentiation.

Significant Aspects of Smart Packaging

Investment in innovative packaging aligned with the latest technologies will boost the business and make your brand stand far ahead of your rivals. It is the fundamental change in business mechanism and will lay the foundation for an incredible future of branding and packaging. The expected market turnover of smart packing will hit a mammoth 59 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

Leads To Sustainable Future

Over the years, consumers’ behaviour has changed significantly regarding the sustainable and prosperous future. Now, they are concerned about environmental protection and renewable progress. Thus, the idea of sustainability has become a vital aspect in the packaging industry for both small and big companies.

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For instance, HUL, a British-Dutch subsidiary of Unilever Company, has committed to using 100% recyclable materials to pack its products. The packets of popular products like Fair & Lovely and Pepsodent brush are made of r-PET (80% recyclable). Recently, HUL has also taken significant steps to become a plastic waste neutral organization.

Characterizes the idea of Social Responsibility

The trend of offering valuable services in the form of social responsibility has always prevailed in the corporate mainstream. Importantly, the consumers have shifted their preferences towards the holistic development of society. Thus, they are attracted towards influential brands whose business values align with social progress. It is a simple marketing rule, having a give and take relationship.

Mentioning your unique social welfare on product packets can add immense value to your brand, i.e. “we donate one Dirham to the welfare program of women and marginalized children in the Middle East“.  You can also take the significant example of Indian giant ITC, which illustrates on their products that a percentage of the total sale goes into the welfare program of children education and water conservation.

Represents Your Unique Brand Essence

The advent of innovative and intelligent packaging enhances marketing and product differentiation. It allows you to advertise your brand propositions and make a difference in the market. Let’s take an insightful example, RedBull, an Austrian company with its unique and appealing brand, has emerged as the biggest name in the world of energy drinks.

Unlike other beverages, it has a quite distinct topography compared to Coca-Cola or Pepsi. RedBull stands out of the league because of its creative packaging that provides a sleek and classic look. Notably, consistency in brand values and product outfit is an incredible investment in the fiercely competitive market.

Cultivate Innovation and Intelligent Collaboration

The one thing that has been the crux of smart packaging and branding is innovation. Big MNCs and startups invest heavily to create an inspiring ecosystem of innovation. Sometimes, when brands work for creative and practical ideas to amplify their market presence, one or two brands join hands together to get optimum benefits. These collaborations are primarily based on the behavioural research of the intended consumers.

One great example of resourceful collaboration is between FMCG giants HUL and Disney for a popular product, Kissan jam. The product’s packet was imprinted with the famous Tom & Jerry. Thus, a simple alliance can create a new perspective serving a great mutual purpose. In recent times, the most prominent brands worked together to capitalize on the market opportunities and serve mutual interests.

Integration of resourceful Technologies

The market has witnessed a paradigm shift in its function after the digital revolution. All the brands are extending from MNCs to startups incorporating effective and avant-garde technologies in their packaging domain. It created a sense of security and convenience for both consumers and the brands. Almost all prominent products have integrated modern security and innovative technology to ensure safety and offer great convenience to the customers.

Some of the major resourceful modern techniques for adequate packing are QR barcodes, NFC (Near Field Communications), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and more. After the integration of these technologies, the brands have seen substantial productive changes such as increased sales, enhanced security features, tracking and better return on investment.

Amplify Your Brand with Smart Packaging

Smart packaging has arisen as the most impressive way to connect with targeted audiences, leveraging modern technology for creating a greater sense of convenience for customers and the brand. It also offers fresh and interactive experiences to the targeted audiences. Its merit includes various components extending from sustainability to functionality of the product packing. If you are looking for valuable and modern packaging designs, you can connect with VOWELS. We are an incredible team with substantial experience and expertise to offer you impeccable service according to your brand needs and values. Don’t wait; time is precious in this cut-throat competitive market. Contact us at your convenience and witness the inspiring change in the brand’s product packaging.