Increasing sales and loyalty by
Redefining the brand identity


Rebranding a pioneering restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine.

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The Impact

Kaho has been a leading name in the restaurant business. Owing to extensive competition and rise of online delivery platforms, sales at Kaho were taking a hit. Our team worked towards rebranding this restaurant and positioning it as an authentic Japanese dining experience. After three months of extensive marketing campaigns and redesigning of every brand element, the sales surged by over 17% within the first week of the new launch. Customer ratings went up by 57% and the overall consumer experience enhanced leading to multiple revisits.

Capturing the authenticity and distinct dining experience through minimalist design

Logo Design

Kaho 01



Kaho is renowned for its culinary expertise with Japanese food. Hence, the logo had to depict this authenticity making it utmost essential to be able to evoke trust and enhance reliability.


The texture and typography clearly and evidently allow people to believe that Kaho delivers a fine dining experience. The minimalist design and strategically chosen color palette further establishes Kaho's luxurious appeal.


Despite being a leading name in the restaurant business, Kaho goes beyond taste and hospitality. Kaho brings you an enchanting experience that redefines fine dining. And the new logo captures precisely this aspect of the brand.

Kaho 03

Capturing the essence of the whole project into a design moodboard

When we commenced the creative collaboration, we focused on defining a niche audience for Kaho. The key was to target the premium segment who wanted an authentic Japanese meal experience. Across various platforms, we used striking photography and imagery to depict culinary expertise as well as a beyond par dining experience.

Kaho 02



Aesthetically Kaho has been positioned as a brand that delivers expertise. It breaks the barriers of mediocrity and focuses on curating a 360 degree experience for the consumer. Every hue across numerous brand elements depicts class, sophistication and culinary proficiency.



Kaho delivers beyond food & hospitality. It delivers a truly distinguished experience that comes from a place of skill, research, and dexterity. Each communication by the brand focuses on this particular experience. This is accomplished through rich imagery, honest storytelling and fresh content.



The world of Kaho represents authenticity of craft and sophistication. It is honest, transparent and clearly meant for a select few. The brand details scream of piquant expertise. Yet at the same time, amidst its many nuances, Kaho is sincere and adheres to the true values of hospitality.

Kaho 05
Kaho 04
Kaho 06