Why Marketers Should Focus on Sharing Brand Story in 2020


In the current Covid situation, all companies are striving to upgrade their branding strategies to ensure they stay connected with the customers and prospective buyers.


Heart-touching content with a high emotional quotient; featuring family bonding and the greater good of the society, etc. are acting as a magnet for attracting new customers and making the old ones feel more connected to the brand. Brands that are putting out Covid-sensitive content such as brand videos showing they care, etc. have been getting more eyeballs.

Digital Media consumption is at its peak

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The increasing number of marketing channels is proving to be a blessing; it is making this time an opportunity more than a challenge. Now is the chance to reach out to your already filtered target audiences who are consuming digital content the maximum during the pandemic. With the stay-at-home government instructions, the consumption of digital media is at its peak and this must be leveraged for sharing the brand story with a message keeping in mind a long-term perspective. The ongoing trends on social media might make brands opt for fancy content but unfortunately, it fails to strike a chord with the potential buyers. In a bid to keep their digital branding trendy, brands are opting for fancy advertisements that don’t register in people’s minds but are just short-lived glories.


Alternative Marketing Channels 

Apart from the conventional and social advertising channels, advertising on gaming apps, streaming avenues is trending. Inserting ads in movies or series which resonate with your brand values are more likely to bring you customers who would be attracted to your offerings and become a potential future buyer. What’s also trending in the branding space is to get the product featured in the movie/visual itself. This is an indirect way of marketing that connects with target customers like magic!


Targeted Marketing is everything

For building a loyal clientele, building a personal connection with the right set of customers is crucial. During this time when digital media consumption is at its peak, the ability to reach the target audiences is bliss for brands. For instance, targeting 300 people who have shown interest in products/services like yours is much better than advertising to 1000 random people who may not be specifically interested in your product.

Owing to the pandemic, many potential consumers may be restricting their expenses and managing with smaller incomes but recovery is not a far cry! Once things attain normalcy, the branding that you invest in today will reap results and bring long-lasting clientele.

Taking it a notch up with Full-Funnel Approach

Another marketing approach that is increasingly being used is the full-funnel approach. It is basically leveraging the customers movements and interests to create an almost personalized marketing plan for each one of them. This approach is the recipe for sustained and continued engagement between the brand and the customer. Once the brand’s identity has been conveyed to initially attract the customer, the next step is vital. Marketers need to continually share their brand story and portray their brand manifesto through impactful and subtle creatives.

Your brand story is your own and should be shared insightfully and creatively on your existing and emerging marketing channels. Sharing your unique brand story makes you the leader rather than a follower. Today’s customers invest in the brand story before investing in the product. Modern-day purchases are mostly preceded by a personal connection with the brand story.

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