Navigating Product Branding Concept with Real Life Examples

You can see product branding everywhere, from the coffee cup to the toothpaste we choose from supermarket shelves and even in the digital products we interact with on our phones. Product branding holds an integral part of the brand’s personality.

Product branding is the combination of design, content and styling that gives a product a distinct identity and differentiates it from competing goods in its market. Hence, it covers everything from the product’s name to its visual design, materials composition, delivery method, and appearance and texture of its packaging.


A product’s identity must be carefully considered while branding it as part of a larger group. The brand is further strengthened by a consistent color scheme throughout the product range.  Companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola have achieved extraordinary recognition due to their iconic product branding, making them prime examples of inspiration when designing products. Let’s explore the following examples for insight into effective product design.

10 Famous Examples of Product Designing for Good Inspiration

1. Coca-Cola

With over 125 years of history, Coca-Cola’s emphasis on product branding has allowed it to stand out in the crowd. The product is easily recognizable with its quick grab-and-go functionality and distinct look. The primary components of a Coke product are the logo and the color scheme, which make it memorable and distinguishable from competitors.

2. Nike

Nike increased its client base with the help of its intelligent product design. Even though the theme is based on simplicity, it can still make heads turn and gain customers’ trust by offering sustainable quality that is comfortable and gives a luxurious experience at the same time.

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3. Simply Kitchen

One of UAE’s famous kitchen brands, Simply Kitchen, received services from Vowels Agency for brand renovation and product guidelines.

Hence, we created a well-considered product guideline that may represent the brand’s objectives. Additionally, we created a robust design framework of product packaging for their vast range of kitchen items.
Simply Kitchen

4. Health Auric

The FMCG brand wanted a successful product design to boost sales. To assist them in reaching their objectives, we provided an end-to-end brand strategy and incredible architectural product design, enhancing customer experience. Hence, with our help, they became a hit in the market and have become a practical option for everyone.

Health Auric

5. Fuel Sneaker Branding

Fuel Sneaker asked Vowels to help them design their product to be attractive and functional. We offered them customer-oriented creative packaging ideas that appeal to Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers. We also carefully considered font choices, color palettes, and packaging design to help them represent their originality to the audience. Our goal was to create aesthetically pleasing, robust product designs that are good to use.
Fuel Sneaker

6. Sense – Eau De Toilette

Vowels successfully designed the product design of a perfume brand named Sense. By implementing intelligent design interventions that captured the spirit of exclusivity and luxury, we were able to help our clients provide the luxury they had been looking for.

Vowels not only strengthened the client’s market position by creating an iconic logo and painstakingly developing the packaging, but we also raised the bar for visual branding excellence in the fragrance sector. We made use of fine materials and dexterous details. We created packaging with metallic highlights and embossed designs to match the seduction of the scents within.

7. Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has a strong multi-product branding approach. P&G is a global consumer products company with several brands, each with its target market, identity, and marketing approach. They are famous for their product solutions, which are sustainable, recyclable and consumer-friendly. Their product branding has become a symbol of quality standards and is highly trusted by customers. For example, one of P&G’s brands, Pampers, targets parents by highlighting infant comfort, safety, and care.

Gillette, another P&G brand, appeals to mature males by linking itself to masculinity, quality, and accuracy. These brands have a robust product design that caters to diverse client demographics as per their needs.

8. Loreal Cosmetics

L’Oreal cosmetics are recognized for their chic and sophisticated product designs. Their vibrant colors, captivating text, and distinctive patterns make their packaging stand out. This design resonates with their target audience, making their products enticing and enjoyable to purchase. Ultimately, L’Oreal’s appealing product design is a significant factor in their popularity among beauty enthusiasts.

9. Almarai Fresh Milk

By using clever product design, Almarai strengthened consumer confidence in its fresh milk supply business. Prioritizing sustainability, usability, and brand consistency in its packaging design, Almarai ensured its products stood out on shelves, resonated with customers, and fostered preference and loyalty in the competitive UAE dairy market.

10. Indomie Instant Noodles

The vivid and striking product design of Indomie has been a major factor in its popularity in the UAE market. Customers are immediately drawn to their packaging because of its eye-catching images and distinctive red, yellow, and white color scheme. Plus, the food packaging is easy to tear and open, making it a top choice for an instant food option.

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With the examples highlighted earlier, you now have valuable insights to effectively develop your product branding strategy. However, managing your brand’s digital assets requires a robust plan of action. Coordination, consistency, and ample marketing materials are essential for developing and sustaining your brand identity. Luckily, you can enhance your brand management efforts with Vowels’ assistance. For further information, contact our experts through the following link.


Q. What are the benefits of product branding?

Ans. These are the benefits of product branding –

  • Ensures that your product is instantly identifiable. 
  • Increases general brand recognition. 
  • Distinguish your goods from innumerable competitors. 
  • Establish a sentimental bond with your clients. 
  • Establish yourself as a strong category product.

Q. Why is the packaging of products important?

Ans. Product packaging’s primary function is to safeguard the goods within. The product must be packaged to avoid damage and to keep it safe throughout transportation from the manufacturer to the retailer. Packaging for products must thus be durable and dependable.

Q. What are the ideal characteristics of a good package?

Ans. These are the ideal characteristics for the same –

  • The bundle should be highly affordable and communicative. 
  • It should be excellent and convenient.
  • The packaging should give product details and safeguard the item while being environmentally sustainable.