Mastering the Brand Identity: Top 9 Family Branding Examples for Inspiration

What is Family Branding

A family brand is a collection of several items marketed under the parent brand and are part of a single brand. The parent brand is an umbrella brand comprising many products and offerings.

The family branding approach reduces promotion and advertising expenses significantly. Additionally, it facilitates the accessible introduction of new items and increases their market popularity. Using family branding, also called “umbrella branding,” helps businesses create a range of goods under one brand to boost sales.


Examples of Family Branding

Let’s look at the nine successful examples of family branding:

1. Samsung

It is a broadband, meaning it has a range of items. Samsung includes washing machines, computers, appliances and comes under the same Samsung Logo. Sub-brands are a necessary component of a significant brand architecture. 

The Samsung Galaxy sub-brand encompasses all mobile devices, including wearables, tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth earphones, and anything they produce that competes with Apple.

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This leads us to our second example – 

2. Apple

Renowned for producing dependable, elegantly designed, high-end electronics. Customers favor Apple products due to their superior quality. Apple has developed various technological goods and services throughout the years. Customer’s regard all of these items as the greatest in their respective categories and have benefited from Apple’s dependable brand reputation. These are a few of the well-known Apple products that are mentioned below:

The Macintosh is Apple’s first commercially successful personal computer.

The IOS smartphone series known as the iPhone

The smart music player also known as the iPod

And Apple Watch- smart electronic watches for everyone

3. Proctor & Gamble

Proctor and Gamble, or P&G, is a global company offering a wide range of consumer goods. Given that most of their goods are less tightly connected than our previous examples, P&G is an excellent illustration of umbrella branding. 

P&G offers a variety of well-known items, including men’s care products like Gillette, dental care products like Oral-B, and hair care brands like Pantene.

4. Johnson & Johnson

A well-known business with several product lines, much like P&G. Under this umbrella brand, the most well-known goods are: Listerine, Tylenol, Neosporin, Band-Aid, and Neutrogena. Because people have trusted these personal care products for so long, J&J is a well-known pioneer in umbrella branding.

5. Unilever

Unilever’s product line spans many categories, setting it apart from most umbrella businesses. Whether you’re buying body wash or green tea, your chosen product has the Unilever brand logo on it. Unilever succeeded despite entering new areas has always upheld its brand’s high-quality standard. Unilever’s product lines include Magnum, Lipton, Axe, and Dove.

6. The Tata Group

One of India’s biggest and most established corporate giants offers an enormous range of products. The corporation is highly respected and well-known throughout India’s diverse population, making it one of the most valuable brands in the nation.

In India, Tata is a prime example of a successful family brand. The firm operates under the following brand names: Automobiles (Cars, trucks, buses, coaches, etc.), steel goods, consumables such as drinking water, tea, salt, and spices, appliances with electronics, watches, jewels, advisory services, airline, internet-based retail services, supplier of direct-broadcast satellites and even finance and insurance service.

7. The Coca-Cola

A multinational corporation based in the United States, The Coca-Cola Company is one of the world’s biggest and oldest beverage makers. Billions of people consume the company’s products, and the public shows genuine admiration and loyalty towards the brand name and iconography.

Coca-Cola provides an extensive range of goods in several areas. These are a few of the more well-known ones out of all of them.

Example: Coke Zero and Soft Drinks, Electrolytic and health drinks made from mineralized water, root beers, sparkling drinking water in bottles, coffee and tea smoothies, concentrates of fruit and water with vitamins.

8. General Electric (GE)

As the most established firm on our list, General Electric has dabbled in a wide range of markets and product areas. They operate a wide range of industries, including power production, oil and gas, lighting, healthcare, finance for aviation, and energy.

Excellent brand awareness and substantial brand equity enable GE to be successful in many industries. Following is a list of the many types of goods and services they offer:

Cooling units, microwaves, dishwasher motors, driers, cleaners, inventors, boilers, power generation facilities, aircraft engines, and aircraft landing gear electronic systems avionics.

9. Excelsis Business Solutions

Hansa Global, a global family brand in the power industry, changed its name to Excelsis Business Solutions. Currently offering services in mining, solar energy solutions, oil and gas services, gas turbine solutions, and much more, they were looking to redesign their brand as per new ideologies. Their innovative, creative, and progressive approach to sustainability needed to align with their unique methodology. Thus, they turned to Vowels for help, which required a new perspective and design.

Process: In light of our extensive study, we updated the company’s vision and brand strategy. We helped them transition from their state of affairs to a new, more environmentally friendly, technologically sophisticated method. We chose the sustainability-related brand idea of “green” and integrated it into the logo. The razor-cut logo letters represent the Sun, Earth, and Sea.

As a result, they are now better able to market themselves as Asia’s, Africa’s, and the Middle East’s top tech-based green energy suppliers. With the help of a new brand identity and theme, the company can make itself apparent to consumers as a forward-thinking energy supplier.

Work with Vowels

Businesses wishing to expand their sales potential into new markets might succeed with family branding. Nonetheless, to guarantee continued success, it’s critical to have the appropriate plan in place. If you’re considering using umbrella branding in your marketing plan, then feel free to contact our experts.

At Vowels, we can assist you in developing a solid overarching brand strategy and obtaining the right design to alter your brand successfully. Our approach makes our customers stronger leaders and more assuredly equipped to handle the development and outcomes we produce.


Q. What are the benefits of family branding? 

Ans. Benefits Of Family Branding: 

  • Low Cost of Market Entry: Introducing new items into the market is less expensive when one already has a solid reputation. 
  • Effectiveness: The effectiveness of family branding spares the pointless work of launching several campaigns for various items. 
  • Flexibility: Family branding allows you to experiment with and test various product and advertising techniques.

Q. What can be the right Family Branding Strategy for my business?

Ans. A particular kind of marketing known as “family branding” unites a group of related goods and services under one central brand. This method allows businesses to benefit from cost-effective promotions for different lines, profit from product groupings, and build brand recognition. This approach differs from individual branding, which markets each product separately.

Q. What distinguishes Family Branding from Umbrella Branding?

Ans. There is absolutely no difference!

Family branding is also known as umbrella branding and vice versa. These phrases pertain to a well-known marketing strategy wherein a single brand name promotes and sells two or more related goods or services.

The main motivations for using umbrella branding are effective marketing, risk mitigation, cost savings, and positive brand equity. Brand extension and umbrella branding are closely related; the degree of product similarity between the two is the only significant distinction.