Do I need a Graphic Designer for my Brand? Let’s Find Out!

Graphic design is a crucial aspect of every business’s marketing strategy and can cost thousands of dollars. It covers an efficient communication style, disseminating knowledge, a brand’s visual identity, and all other attractive elements that target the audience.


Hence, Graphic designers blend art and technology and employ various design components and techniques to produce unique images for clients and businesses. Graphic designers can create images for print or digital media, and they can do so by hand or using software. Working in this developing field is a fascinating and challenging career option because it requires staying on top of modern technology and design trends.

In this blog, we will explain why hiring a Graphic Designer in Dubai is vital for your business and how you can utilize graphic designing to get a competitive edge.

But first, let’s clarify who is a graphic designer and how can I select one for my company –

Who is a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is a specialist in designing visuals. He/she combines motion graphics, typography, and images to produce great projects such as typesetting, illustration, and user interface experiences. These graphics are primarily used in published, printed, or electronic media, such as brochures and advertisements.

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The Fundamental Aspect of the Designer’s Job

The most important part of a designer’s job is the ability to convey information in a way that is understandable and memorable. The work mainly depends on the needs of a client or company; however, typical designer responsibilities could include the following:

  • Produce visual assets to support a marketing initiative.
  • Designing social calendars for social media posts.
  • Standardizing the appearance of a print advertisement
  • Designing business logos and brand identity
  • Creating advertisements for digital billboards.

Let’s discuss the Function of a Graphic Designer in Marketing a Brand.

Many of us have accidentally visited a website with a design so old that it looks like it was created in the ’90s. Even though the web is SEO optimized and has excellent speed, many of us would still prefer to go elsewhere, which has a better modern layout, is easier to use, and pleases the eyes.

You only have one chance to impress new prospective clients, so don’t waste it. A brand’s ability to grasp and employ innovative design is a crucial factor that may cause it to stand out in the minds of consumers.

Hence, Graphic designers plan designs by researching data and resources provided by their company. They set project timelines, specify financial restrictions and generate initial documents to present their ideas.

After receiving management approval, they use the necessary tools and software to transform the sketches into designs. These designers consult with clients regarding layout and design to employ the right colors and forms for each Graphic.

Designers are Visual Communicators

Designers should be able to address issues or difficulties with visual communication. To accomplish this, the designer must first identify the communication gap, collect and examine information about the problem, and then develop alternative solutions. A visual solution’s success or failure can be assessed using iterative prototyping and user testing.

Graphic designers have to grasp their target audience’s social and cultural standards to create visual solutions that are seen as relevant, intelligible, and effective.

Graphic designers must also be well-versed in manufacturing and rendering new techniques. Photography, Drawing, printing, and time-based motion Graphics (audio, video, digital multimedia) are a few examples of technology and production techniques.

Brand Designing by a Graphic Designer

Branding Designing comprises logos, brochures, websites, packaging, ads, or other marketing collateral to communicate the Brand’s goal, vision, or concept. Graphic designers must research and comprehend the target market before conveying design work to represent the message correctly.

To produce designs that complement the entire marketing plan, graphic designers frequently collaborate closely with other team members, such as copywriters or marketing experts.

Graphic designers generate and modify the images utilized in the finished design using computer software, photographs, or illustrations. To produce aesthetically beautiful and valuable work, graphic designers need to have a solid grasp of color theory, typography, and layout design. They must stay current with design trends and software to ensure they are modern and practical.

Graphic Design Client Example

1. Fomerah Ventures Real Estate Company

Fomerah Logo Design

Designing Logo: We did Branding and created a new refreshing logo for a real estate firm Fomerah Ventures. Built to perfection, we only provided the best service possible and constantly strived to go above and beyond. We pushed excellence for an innovative logo by converting their vision into a leading emblem.

2. GCM – Gayatri Construction & Machineries

GCM Website Design

Website Redesigning: Redesigning the company’s logo and Website to emphasize its new brand vision. After thorough planning, we fundamentally redesigned the present website’s look, content, structure, and graphics to better serve its visitors. Our website overhaul typically increased sales, decreased bounce rates, and enhanced User Experience (UX).

3. Vestworn Wellington University

Designing Campaign: To promote the admissions at the campus, we used student feelings to describe what it’s like to be a part of a university. We chose eye-catching visual cues to engage the students when addressing various audiences.

5. Do you Need Assistance in Graphic Designing?

A Graphic Designer provides material that creatively advances novel concepts, resolves issues already at hand, or reduces creative client problems creatively.  Thus, outsourcing graphic design to a qualified partner may help you to expand and profitably grow your firm.

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Q. What is the purpose of hiring a Graphic Designer?

Ans. A graphic designer’s aim is to create visually appealing visuals that transmit particular messages or information. Graphic designers always follow design composition principles to choose the right typography, layout, and branding style for the client.

Q. Can a graphic designer make a logo?

Ans. The Graphic Designer at Vowels has a wide range of expertise in creating logos for many sectors. Typically, you may find our portfolio, alongside the designers’ consultation, on Behance, Dribble, and Pinterest.

Q. How can a graphic designer help my Brand?

Ans. A graphic designer can create a brand for your business and make it come to life. In today’s competitive industry, making a strong first impression is crucial. They may do this by producing eye-catching graphics that draw viewers in. You can work with a designer to create brochures and books, posters and flyers, websites, advertisements, and social media content.