Why Is A Good Website Design So Important To Any Business?



Imagine, after months of envisioning an idea, you have gathered courage and started your brand new business. Now, you wish to promote your products and services to a wider audience. What will your next move be? How will you gain credibility and grab your audience's attention?


Considering the ongoing pandemic and hours people spend on the internet, having a dynamic and accessible website is the way to go. Let's face it, in today's digital age, a website is more than a selection of pictures, clickable buttons, and text floating on the screen. It's an integral part of the branding strategy.

From budding entrepreneurs to business owners who are contemplating the significance of websites in their business, in this article, we will discuss the importance of website design and how it will impact your business.

First Impressions Lasts Forever

Maybe your audience came across you on social media or a popup, impressed by your selection, they have visited your website. If your website looks cluttered or outdated, your audience will have a negative impression of your business, resulting in you missing out on potential leads.

Especially in the time of hyper information, overwhelmed and time-starved consumers when given only 15 minutes to consume content, 66% would prefer to see something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing than something plain and dated.

Your website is the face of the brand and the impression you make on them impacts how the audience perceives your brand. To make a lasting impression, we recommend you get in touch with a branding/ design agency.

Aids in Search Engine Optimization Strategy

With hundreds and thousands of websites contesting to appear at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), search engines like Google had to find their way through it.

Along with web design parameters like title, relevant keywords, image optimization, and linking that affects how search engine spiders crawl and index your website. Sound web development and design is the way to ensure your visibility. The technical aspect of optimization is trickey and should be handled by professionals from web design agencies.

Helps Increase Sales

Prosperity is at the heart of every business venture. Creating a website can effectively aid in attracting more sales. Today, almost every business has moved online, especially in the metropolis where people struggle to balance work-life balance, businesses have spotted a great opportunity to capitalize on that through online sales.

Getting customers through targeted social media campaigns and influencer marketing is one way to go, retaining customers is a herculean task. It is at this point that the development and designing of the website help you out. The metrics retrieved from the website enable webmasters to monitor the activity of users. Then, it is upon the business owner or  marketing head to guide the web design agency to take creative routes to retain those customers and earn their loyalty through excellent customer service.

Establishes Credibility and Builds Trust

In recent years, technology has changed several folds so has the taste of the customers. In the sea of well-designed apps and pages, people do not trust poorly designed websites. Whether you are a bricks and mortar outlet or an online store, credibility is important in building a successful business.

A good web design agency knows that a website should show the brand's personality and evoke brand values, including on-site customer review or customer support window can strengthen their belief.

The journey to finding your brand voice may seem daunting but don’t be afraid to go ahead. To minimize your anxiety, we recommend you do your research, understand your taste, and look around for inspiration.

Better Communication

One of the perks of having a website is the accessibility to communicate with your customers. Apart from creating a good landing page that improves the customer's experience on the website, a website allows short forms and live chats or 24/7 customer service. Having a dedicated team that is well-versed with the working of the company and equipped to solve the problem is a game-changer. Such personal interactions make it easier for the team to generate new leads and drive more conversions. A personal touch and genuine care for the brand is lacking when a customer orders through a third-party website.

Create A Cohesive Brand Identity

When branding agency designs (or redesigns) a website, there are certain criteria of a good design that are non-skippable. Some of the examples include being visually appealing, aesthetically pleasing, and more accessible to people.

These basic principles of design translate into brand values. To impart these brand values in a design, taking a brand's perspective while creating the website is the best way to accomplish the goal. The other major task of a website is to create a cohesive brand identity, it houses logo, packaging, social media channels, and other digital assets under one roof. Cohesive brand identity makes the product more recognizable and marketing easier.


If you are looking for someone to create a great website to generate leads and drive more conversions, get in touch with Vowels. A professional branding agency is known to build and maintain beautiful and functional websites to navigate our customer competitive digital landscape.

We specialize in design and branding. If you wish to rebrand your own business whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

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How Brands in Gulf Area are Saving Big With Packaging Guideline



First off, let’s understand what is a Packaging Guideline. It is a purely customised document containing elaborate guides to formulate the perfect packaging for all your products. A Packaging Guideline contains guides for logo placement, logo colours, typography, brand colours, text on packaging, product photography style, etc.

Packaging guides are prepared after conducting in-depth research of your existing/aspiring brand image, the industry, characteristics of target audiences, etc. It also comes with a set of do’s and don’ts which makes the whole packaging process ultra smooth.

If you are a multi-product manufacturer, packaging guideline is for you.

Getting custom packaging for each and every product can cost you thousands of dirhams and exhaust your marketing budget instantly. On the other hand, a packaging guideline gives you the perfect packaging without burning a hole in your company’s treasury. It serves as an SOP for all your company’s packaging requirements. That said, it is essential to get these guidelines made from professional creative agencies rather than generic packaging vendors. Remember: Packaging is the first impression of your product. And unprofessional or inappropriate packaging is a major turn-off. Making your product stand out through packaging is a direct route for getting customer attention.


Why packaging guidelines?

Packaging guideline is a bible for multi-product manufacturers. It is a master document especially curated for a specific brand for all its packaging needs. It enables a brand to follow a certain packaging pattern, a set  of brand colours, a specific set of fonts and background elements, etc. across all their product packaging ensuring consistency  and product identifiability.


When all your products come under one packaging pattern, it becomes easy for the customer to recognise your brand and all your offerings. In the long run, it gives a competitive edge, fosters repeated sales and builds brand loyalty. Following these guidelines across all product channels upscales brand identity and aids in creating a standardised packaging process.

Packaging Guideline: Your Brand’s Story Teller

What’s your brand story? What makes your brand unique?


The conscious consumers of today are interested in your brand story; they invest in your story before investing in your product. Therefore, story-telling is important. Packaging is understood as a tool to tell your brand story and attract customers at the first glance.

Every brand has a unique story to tell. Whenever a creative agency begins preparing a packaging guideline, the first step they do is pen down a unique brand story. The creation of the brand story is a result of intensive study and research of the brand’s foundational values, vision, mission, geographies, etc.


Telling your brand story with your packaging.

There are multiple benefits of opting for Packaging Guidelines but the most important aspects are consistency, brand identification and professionalism. Having a Packaging Guideline in your hand ensures you and your packaging vendors are on the right track. It gives you a blueprint and answers the following basic questions to get you started with your packaging:

Product Vibe – Every packaging should suit the product’s vibe, its look and feel and most importantly, its functionality. Eg: a tech product should mostly have a cool and groovy packaging that also keeps the product safe.

Packaging guideline captures the essence of the products and based on it formulates a basic packaging framework. Every packaging guideline comes with design templates which serve as full-fledged blueprint and are used as instant references by your in-house printing department or external Chinese vendors who will do only what they do best – Print. Only Print. Not designing, not strategizing, etc.

Typography – What family of fonts will be used on the packaging? For instance, if a product’s target audience is mature working professionals, a subtle font with a minimal undertone would be apt. On the other hand, if the product is meant for kids, the typography should ideally be huge, bright and colourful. Packaging guidelines contain a detailed guide for font usage across all your products.

Brand Colours – Colours help customers identify your products on the shelves. Packaging Guidelines come with a set of brand colours which could be used across all your products making it easier for the customers to identify your products, thereby increasing chances of repeated sales.

Branding and Target Audience – It is important to understand the target market of your product and carry out an in-depth study of their demographics, physiological patterns and behaviour, etc. before selecting the packaging. Every packaging guideline is prepared after a holistic understanding of the target audience and their preferences.

Competition – Before preparing a packaging guideline, a detailed study is carried out to understand why your competition’s product failed or succeeded owing to packaging. Having said this, it is important to make your product stand out from your competition and also learn from your competitors’ mistakes.

Selling – For deciding the right packaging, it is important to understand how it will be sold. For instance, if you are selling your product purely online, people are not able to get the look and feel of the product. Therefore, the packaging must appeal to other senses and your packaging guideline would ensure this happens.

Content – On the packaging, mentioning the content that actually matters to the audience is key to getting their eyeballs. A clutter-free design and text placement makes the customer want to read what’s written and also makes it easy for him to understand how the product is beneficial for him. In case your product sells in malls and shops — if the customer isn’t able to instantly read why he should buy your product, he is most likely to have his attention shifted to the competitions’ shelf.

Apart from offering the aforementioned specifications, a packaging guideline is an ideal packaging solution if you are a multi-product  manufacturer. Custom packaging for multiple products can be expensive. Therefore, unless it serves a significant purpose, it could be a waste of marketing budget.

All in all, packaging guidelines is a document allowing your brand to create the packaging of your dreams and that of your customers’ with the help of your packaging vendor. Apart from being highly cost-efficient and budget-friendly, it offers a bundle of benefits to keep your brand packaging shining and winning, in the long-run as well as short-run.

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A Preparation Guide for Your Brand, for the Dubai Expo 2020



While most of us are still recovering from the adverse effects on our businesses and brands, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The UAE expo 2020 has emerged as a ray of hope for us. Being blessed by such an opportunity, how do you determine if your brand is ready yet?

With an expected footfall of 25 million people, from across the globe, The UAE expo is all set to welcome you to the ocean filled with abundant growth opportunities for your brand. Now it’s time for your brand to gear up for the dive and prepare in full swing.

Preparation is the key!


The clock is ticking, and the countdown has already begun!

Planning and preparing paves a concrete pathway towards the success of anything. Planning for such an event, does not end with the hotel bookings and securing your booth, it BEGINS right there. With proper strategy and plans in place, your brand can secure the spotlight and get the best out of the UAE expo 2020.

Is your Brand strategy in place yet?


The UAE Expo is a perfect opportunity for every business or a brand to re-analyse its Brand Strategy. Whether you are thinking of launching a new product, or curating a new service, it is extremely crucial for your brand, a well executed brand strategy can help you secure the spotlight at the UAE Expo 2020.

While trade shows and expos can be a challenging space for brands, they also provide a space for immense growth and development at the same time. Crafting engagement led experiences which deliver the authenticity of the brand can help build stronger consumer relationships.

A brand strategy also consists of a Brand experience which not only highlights the product or a service, rather it focuses on communicating the brand story woven with the nuances of serving the consumer. While the tangible aspects always seem to steal the show, it is also significant to focus on the intangible aspects, like the brand promise of assurance and quality, smooth communication, and consumer support. A well planned brand strategy serves you with an opportunity to focus on the intangible and deliver an experience which evokes a sense of reliability for the consumer.

A brand strategy involves telling a story consistently across all platforms yet uniquely tailored for each platform. Conveying a story involves putting your core competencies & Values into a consistent brand identity which uniquely associates with your brand. Effective communication of the visual identity of the brand, derived and developed from the brand colour palette, can help develop and create an associative image in the consumer’s mind, which in turn compliments the loyalty of the consumer to the brand.

Update your Brand Guidelines

Update-your -Brand-Guidelines

The UAE Expo 2020 is all set to provide you with a stage to showcase the ultimate potential of your brand, you possibly cannot afford to go wrong. Brand guidelines consist of a toolkit which ensures a consistent brand identity, through various communication channels and delivers information about what the brand actually does. Whether it’s your packaging design, or landing pages for your website, or even your social media campaigns, an effective brand communication crafted surrounding your participation in the UAE Expo 2020 can help you create a rather relatable brand image for your consumers.

UAE Expo 2020 is an opportunity for you to uniquely craft an experience which tailors your Brand identity with brand guidelines and bridge the communication gap between the consumer and the brand. Detail out information in various forms like product brochures, Activation creatives, Newsletters, and advertisements to announce your presence at the Expo 2020.

Crafting a unique Communication strategy


Communication plays a very important role in generating awareness amongst your consumer base. While we are living in the Digital era, we are blessed with numerous platforms to establish an effective communication channel with our potential audiences. This also comes with a challenge of identifying the uniqueness of every platform and tailoring your strategies around the same.

This is where you answer all the questions for yourself, and for your audience. Focus on all the preparatory hype that your brand could create about your presence at the UAE expo 2020.

Get Social!


Develop a Social media campaign in order to spread awareness about your presence at the UAE Expo 2020. Every brand is unique in its own ways. There are a set of Brand values which define the roots of the brand. It’s a unique opportunity for your brand to re-communicate its potential, by deep diving into the brand story and pulling out content which conveys the most relevant information about the brand. With exercising regular social media engagement, one can also look at expanding horizons, in terms of the content that needs to be circulated. Remember the underlying focus of the campaign is to “tell people” about your presence at the expo, and Social media can result into being an extremely effective tool if your Engagement plan is right in place.

Focus on generating content around the information related to the UAE expo 2020, this can result in increased traction for your social handles, and help you gain a better reach. You can also focus on Email marketing, reach out to your existing customer base via email, it is completely free of cost and you might just end up making a sale. LinkedIN is emerging as another effective platform for brands to connect with their audiences, many brands are already out there communicating to their audience about the UAE Expo 2020. Look at how Swatch has started with a Video marketing strategy which highlights their new product and uniquely announces their participation at Expo 2020.

Your communication strategy should focus on nurturing your existing consumer base and at the same time also focus on generating more leads by creating and curating engaging content across various communication channels out there.

The time is NOW!


That new product or a service that you’ve been waiting to launch for so long, and 2020 just brushed away all our plans just like that! Well, no more, especially when we have learnt to survive amidst a Pandemic. The UAE Expo 2020 has swooped in like a superhero and has provided us with a pool of limitless opportunities, it’s time we revisit our plans and deliver even better products/services for our audiences.

Trade shows are the best places to launch new products and services, as it provides you with an opportunity to connect with a vast variety of audiences. It’s time for you to look at developing a branding strategy around your new product or service, and create an effective visual language which communicates all the relevant information about your product or service.

Once you have the right Branding in place, it is time to plan your launch and create a hype around the same. Feature content which helps you create a build-up around your product/service, this will get your targeted buyer groups excited to meet you at the UAE Expo 2020.

Create an unforgettable experience for your visitor!


Once you are past the pre-planning stage, and you have got your marketing tools in place, it is time to also plan your presence at the UAE Expo 2020 . Now when you have secured the booth, and marketed your presence in the most effective ways, it is significant that your setup speaks your Brand Language out loud.

It is an opportunity for your brand to engage with potential leads and tell your brand story in the most interactive manner. Design your booth in a way that it complements the visual language of your brand, which means choosing the right colors, and décor products. You can also look at Video marketing and create motion graphics targeting the product/service you want to showcase. Make usage of print marketing by investing in designing a brand catalogue for your audiences, and keep it handy at your booth. To generate better one on one engagements, you brand can focus on activations by curating contests and planning giveaways. Product demonstrations can also prove to be extremely effective as it provides your audience with a first-hand interaction with your product.

Get Set Go!


Now, when we have our communication tools and right brand strategies in place. It is time for us to take action and make the most of this opportunity that has been handed to us. You cannot afford to lose out on such a vast opportunity of growth for your brand. It is the best time for you to begin with crafting a plan of action and deliver an outstanding performance at the Expo2020.

Have something in mind? Let us take over and we will make sure your brand stands out at the Dubai Expo 2020! From brand consultancy to crafting the most effective Digital Marketing strategies, we’ve got you covered. We curate brand experiences like never before. Get in touch with Vowels, and get your planning and execution sorted right here!

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Smart Packaging Is The Future: Packaging Strategies of HUL, ITC, Red Bull and more



You can bring the customer to you but you can’t make him buy your product. Many brands do heavy advertising and offer sales promotions but still fail to reach the customer’s home/office. Why?


Because the truth is that even if you have lured the customer by fancy advertising or promotion schemes, if the product fails to look good at the point of sale, all the heavy marketing investment goes to waste. If your marketing plan was incredible, the promotion offer was undeniable but your packaging was awful and unprofessional, all the previous hard work of your marketing team and investments serves no good.

So how do we make all those marketing investments worthwhile?

The customer attention span is as short as 10 seconds and if your product fails to stand out and grab his eyeballs in that time span, you lose that customer and your competitor acquires him. The basic formula to get attention is to level up the packaging! Shape is the first thing which gets noticed by a customer’s eyes while scanning through a tonnes of other products. This is why MNCs always work with professional creative agencies to bring out the smart packaging that instantly hits a chord with the prospective customers. The creative agency ensures that MNC’s products outpace their competitors’ with strategically and technology driven packaging that is modern yet feasible.


Shape matters.

Packaging that makes you look responsible

Customers are increasingly shifting towards responsible brands. Hence, it is essential that your packaging demonstrates you in good light, portraying you as a responsible corporate. For example: If you are a technology company, a simple line like “for every purchase, we contribute 2 Dirhams to fulfill the dreams of underprivileged children in the GCC, KSA, Gulf Area.” is likely to bring in 10X more attention. This is what MNC’s have been doing for a long time now. Multinational Conglomerate ITC mentions on its packaging of select food and stationery items that a part of the sale proceeds will go towards water conservation and tree plantation.

Sustainable Packaging

With the world becoming more Earth-conscious and sustainable, many MNC’s are trying to gain customer’s confidence and attention through sustainable methods of packaging. For instance, FMCG giant HUL uses r-PET blister packaging (80% recycled packaging) for its products like Pepsodent Toothbrush. It also introduced refill packaging for detergents and oils which was received well by its clientele, thereby keeping the brand in good books as well as increasing its revenue.

Innovation + Research based Packaging

As a part of its incredible packaging strategy HUL also collaborated with Disney to design packaging for its product – Kissan Jam. They featured cartoons on the pack and gave their otherwise normal packaging a twist by creating a squeeze tube. Again a huge success! The point to be driven home is that innovative packaging works magic when it is in sync with deep behavioural study of target audiences. Just putting innovative packaging or even simple packaging wouldn’t create wonders unless it has been designed with precision and backed by research.


HUL’s Kissan Jam in collaboration with Disney.

Its success story proves that good packaging results in good revenues.

Packaging that embodies your brand

Take Red Bull for example. Although an Austrian company, its packaging is often credited for its ever-growing global appeal. It’s neither sold in a 12-ounce can or in a bottle, nor does it have similar typography to that of its peers like Coca Cola or Pepsi. It stands out with its consistent packaging. “Like its product, Red Bull’s branding campaign is sleek and small,” says Nancy F. Koehn, professor at Harvard Business School.


Consistent packaging wins hearts and costs less.

The idea of consistent packaging is incredible, especially when you are dealing with a melange of similar products. All you have to do is invest in a packaging guideline which shall take care of all your packaging woes, at least cost.

Leveraging Technology

With digitalisation and Internet of Things (IOT), brands are rapidly moving towards reducing costs and increasing customer convenience by integrating technology innovations in packaging. E.G: QR codes to directly reach on the shop page or on social media pages or radio-frequency-ID tags and near-field-communication protocols, etc.


Fortune 500 brands such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Amazon have been using packaging incorporated with QR Codes. After using this packaging, these brands have observed a huge increase in sales and ROI.

What’s your packaging mantra and how do you plan to achieve it?

Taking inspiration from the brands and trending ideas we have discussed above, what is the kind of packaging you aspire for your brand? Would you want it to be created after studying the target audiences or would you go with generic packaging? Should your packaging be technology-integrated for high customer convenience? Like Red Bull, should your packaging embody the product inside? Would you work with professional creative agencies to create an exclusive packaging for your brand or go with generic packaging by common vendors which serve thousand other brands like yours?

Smart packaging or stale packaging — what’s your pick?

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New Startup, New Look, Now What?



Being an entrepreneur and building your own company is thrilling. Your heart thumps with excitement when you think about the business model and strategies backing it. Adrenaline rushes through your veins when you pitch the investors and your heart skips a beat when you think about the future possibilities of your idea that is now up and running. But your idea meets reality when you start to market your product. In this oversaturated market, grabbing the attention of your potential customer is a luxury. It is heartbreaking to accept that someone is better than you or worse, people don’t care much about your product. This phase is not permanent rather a reality check and a chance to gather your wits together.


Normally, young leaders delve headfirst into marketing by hiring a team and increasing the budget, however, the problem lies not with marketing but with branding. Assuming that brand is only skin-deep and the presence of a flimsy logo on every channel is enough is one of the biggest blunders that an early startup can ever make.

A flawed branding can tank hundreds and thousands of rupees, sending panic waves across the company. But when done right, it can make an instant connection with your audience and stir emotions like no other, your golden egg-laying hen, if you wish.

In this article, we will discuss some branding lessons that can save you a lot of anxiety-inducing, sleepless nights.

Logo Is Important But Not Enough

Looks are an important part of branding, especially when it is a startup, as it is their first introduction to their audience. The visual elements like logo, colours, typography, and imagery contribute towards creating an identity. However, plastering your logo on every channel is not going to be enough. Just as visual elements create a persona, intangible elements like copy, tagline, sound, and social media breathes life into the caricature, making it a living entity.

A logo might be the face of the brand but rarely does that account for success. A startup needs to have a solid brand identity system consisting of brand guidelines to form a strong marketing strategy and even stronger customer retention value.

Work On Your Story

Every successful brand is backed by a great story. For any startup founder or business owner who aspires to create a successful brand, you must sell your story.

One of the major setbacks about a startup is that it may not be instantly recognized, building a story will help you get etched in the memories of your customers, creating a personal connection.

Always remember that a good company sells products, a good brand, sells an experience.

One of the best brand stories is of Old Spice. The basic premise of Old Spice is not that it will transform an average man into a perfect man rather they focused on making an average man 'smell' like a perfect man.


If You Have It, Flaunt It

If your startup has a USP that has the potential to be a thought leader, make it a fuel that drives your brand strategy. Similar to Apple Inc. whose 'think different' ads made them the thought leader of the IT industry for decades, we recommend you leverage the value of your idea, create a content strategy to cultivate a position of a thought leader in your niche.

In this overcrowded world, it is hard to find a thing that has never been done before so if you are going against a dominant competitor, do your research, find the loopholes or area for improvement and strategically place your product as a solution. Self-awareness about your market, products, and competitors is crucial for such an evaluation.


Know Your Purpose, Influence More People

While developing a branding strategy for a startup, it is important to realize that every element of brandings such as logo, colours, fonts, designs, and copies contribute towards creating a position. Behind every solid position is a purpose.

In layman's language, a brand purpose is a reason a brand exists beyond making money. One of the common mistakes that a startup makes is that they dive into marketing without having clarity about the products they are developing or who their audience actually is.

How do you find your purpose? By asking a simple question: 'What’s the one special thing only you can do that your customers will miss out on if you never existed?”

Example: Airbnb promises you an experience of 'living like a local' everywhere you travel. Their purpose is to give people a chance to get a taste of life in a different city/country.


Go Beyond Obvious, Create Brand Environment

By this point you have gained a significant insight about creating a unique visual and verbal story - now is the time to accumulate your knowledge about your product and the persona you wish to show through the brand and integrate it with your business objective.

The point of creating a branding environment is to reach your target audience through a synchronized message across all channels. Popularly known as a brand guideline, creating a brand environment is focused on your purpose, goals, and size of the company. It is the comprehensive guide that helps you choose from stock photos to the icons on your website, colours on your design to intangible elements like the voice and tone.

Your brand is a powerful tool that can help drive your startup’s reputation and foster customer loyalty—but only if you believe in it. Branding for a startup isn't easy but linking deep knowledge about the product and industry with visual and verbal elements will make it look more aligned.

In the end, the purpose of branding and brand strategy is to tailor the best experience for your customer and develop a sense of preference and familiarity within your desired target segment.

If you are a startup wishing to build a brand or someone looking for a fresh start, rebrand your own business whether it is a logo design, a website design, tailored messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

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Packaging: Creating An Impressive First Impression of Your Product




The  world still judges the book by its cover. Exactly how the world judges a product by its packaging.

With competition rising by the day, it’s becoming necessary to leave a strong impact on the customer’s minds and packaging is the primary way to do that. To make the customer interested in what’s inside, it is important to first make him interested in the outside.


While you are relying on your vendors in China for product packaging, your competitors are working with professionals and creative agencies to create superior packaging for ensuring maximum product sales. They are working to create packaging that sets the brand apart; packaging that grabs eyeballs and attracts new customers.

What you get from Chinese vendors/freelancers VS What you get from agencies?

If someone truly trusts in their product, they’d invest in its packaging, whatsoever.

Packaging is the first impression  of a product and as they say, the first impression is everything. In today’s day and age when things and minds are changing fast, your product can easily get lost if it fails to stand out in the first glance.

Yes, sure ordinary packaging is low-priced and may seem attractive but in the long run, it fails to bring you the right customers. Mostly, low-priced packaging is done by vendors catering to 1000 other businesses like yours or it is done by freelancers found on the internet who you can’t hold accountable. This kind of packaging lacks quality, aesthetics and a personalised touch -- thereby letting the customers move to other products which made a more solid first impression than yours through their packaging.  The pain-points of someone dealing with Chinese vendors or low-budget freelancers is unprofessionalism, delay in delivery, sub-standard quality, run-of-the-mill design and the list goes on. Most importantly, the packaging loses human connection and that is EVERYTHING. What happens in this case is that the product is packaged just so to complete the order you have placed with the vendor.

In contrast, imagine when your product packaging is created with an aim that the product becomes a rage in the market, that it hits the market with a bang! After the conceptualisation of the product, an intensive research is carried out by the creative team to find the product’s target audiences, competitors’ packaging, and an array of other sub-variables to ideate  the packaging that uplifts your product and brand image in the customers’ minds. This is followed by the last stage of packaging which envisages final mock-up design, prototyping, etc. 

Unique Packaging VS Packaging Guideline

Unique packaging refers to a product-specific packaging which is created for a particular product keeping in mind its functionality, safety, observing the psychological behaviour of its target audiences, studying the competitive packaging models, demographics, distribution model, etc.


A packaging guideline, on the other hand, is a brand-specific document with a particular set of guides related to logo placement, typography, brand colours, product photography style, etc. A packaging guideline ensures consistent packaging across different product categories. It differentiates the brand from its competitors, thereby making a product easily identifiable on shelves and also making it easy for the customer to identify your brand’s products the next time he comes shopping and for repeated sales. In simple words, packaging guidelines are a collective set of packaging rules to be followed across different product categories, thereby making the brand packaging identifiable and consistent. It is known to positively influence purchase decision-making behaviour and create competitive advantage in the long run.

Your packaging decision depends on who you are

If you are a manufacturer or seller dealing with ‘limited but exclusive’ products, you should be opting for exclusive and unique packaging — packaging that is tailor-made for every product. The packaging of a unique product needs to be just as exclusive and unique. So, in case of less products, bespoke packaging is what you shoup opt for.


If you are a manufacturer dealing with bulk products, a smart decision would be to avoid unique packaging for all products as that would lead to  heavy packaging costs. What is best in the bulk product scenario is to opt for a ‘packaging guideline’ — it would not only ensure your brand packaging is consistent but also edgy and competitive.


Investing in the packaging of your product is ultimately investing in your branding, which ultimately leads to continued patronage and ever-growing clientele. The mantra is out and clear: Better packaging = Better brand image = Better product success.

Also, if the inside of  a product is awesome. Why should the outside stay behind? Take your time to choose the perfect packaging method for your products. Take a note of your budget, the number of products you have and make an informed decision. The only thing to not do is to do ordinary things which lack heart and soul.

PS: Packaging embodies the brand. If your brand is unique, so should be the packaging.

If you have been planning to get packaging done for your new product launches or simply repackage already existing products, we’ve got you covered. If you are working on a new startup or rebranding an existing one, look no further for all your branding needs. Whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, powerful packaging, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

The ABC of brand awareness- Find out best ways to increase brand footprint in KSA



“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind.”  - Walter Landor, Founder, Landor


Mr Landor wasn’t mincing words when he said this. The founder and CEO of globally renowned brand consulting firm Landor emphasizes the importance of perception in the marketing and advertising realm. People’s perception of a brand can literally make it or break it.

With the advent of social media, people are constantly connected to each other and to the brands that they love. If you can create an aspiring and inspiring image of your brand in the minds of people, then your brand is already successful.

Just like every country has its own unique language, culture, and cuisine, every country also has its own bespoke marketing dos and don’ts. To make the most out of a market, a brand needs to be sensitive towards this, and work alongside to create maximum impact.

Saudi Arabia, also popularly known as the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is famous for many reasons such as oil, Arabian coffee, the world's largest sand desert, the world's largest oasis etc. With a population of 34.54 million, it’s also an emerging marketing and business sector. The land of Sheikhs have about 72.38% active social media users. Globalmediainsight.com which makes it a marketer's dreamland who is looking to put their brand out there.

Social media for branding. Really?

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well. - Jezz Bezos, Founder and CEO, Amazon

You name it. And social media has it. Every product that you can ever think of, is now active on social media. And why not? With the arrival of technology, everything is online and it becomes imperative for a brand to have and maintain a relevant social media reputation.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world, it has now become the need of the hour to give consumers an insight into your brand story, right in the palms of their hand, in an electronic device of their choice.

Consumers are adapting to the changing times, and it’s important for the brands to keep up and innovate and invent to continue being a part of their consumer’s life.

Just like any other market, the KSA also has some cultural nuances that should be kept in mind while curating a brand story.

Some ground rules before you break ground with your brand


The language 

Arabic is the primary language in Saudi. A large number of Saudi Arabians use Arabic in the common parlance.

Saudi welcomes people from all over the world therefore English becomes the secondary language because many of these expats use English for their everyday communication. Keeping your brand bi-lingual and using both English and Arabic SEO keywords is your best bet to ensure that it is inclusive and reaches a large and diverse audience.

The culture 

Just like a lot of countries in the gulf, Saudi Arabia strongly adheres to local customs. Traditional viewpoints and customaries are followed in dressing, salutations, hospitality etc. Although no laws specifically regulate the culture content of ads, insensitivity may destroy credibility and prove to be a strong blow in your overall brand story. The moral of the story is steer clear of ambiguity and stick to the things that will respect the local customs and affirm the consumer’s faith in your brand.


Out of all the social media platforms, YouTube scores the highest when it comes to consumption by the Saudi Arabian population. The users spend a notable amount of time on the website, making it a lucrative avenue to explore for your brand. So the next time when you think of an idea, ask yourself “Can I make a YouTube video of it?” and if the answer is yes, reach is almost guaranteed provided you use the right media mix to deliver your message.

Social Media

In general, the social media users in the KSA are increasing at a rapid pace. No matter what you do, having a relevant social media profile will allow people to get a glimpse inside your brand and its story before they decide to delve deeper. As a brand, it also enables you to be present where your audiences are, so even before they interact with the brand, you can use this opportunity to engage with them by becoming a part of their lives.

So keep an eye out on the latest geographical trends and curate a story that your audiences will understand and love.

At Vowels, we live and breathe the beauty that is Saudi Arabia. We are constantly learning and widening our horizons about the KSA. And the more we get into the bloodstream of the culture, customs, and heart of the country, the more we are able to create a bespoke brand that aligns with the values of the locals and delivers the brand truth in an honest and sensitive way.

If you have been planning to launch a new startup or rebrand an existing one, now is the time to get started. Whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

Learn and grow with us. Stay connected and master the art of branding in the KSA with Vowels.

Which Is Better For You: In-house vs Outsource Creative Agency



There comes a time in the life of every business owner, CEO, and CMO when they are plagued with the question: do I hire an in-house marketing team – or work with a creative agency? This decision can be one of the most important strategic decisions a marketing leader will make, hence the confusion and indecisiveness are all the more natural.


No matter what, it is safe to assume that hiring both internal and external teams are a big branding investment. A full in-house creative team comprises a significant increase in funding in terms of budget for employees, office space, and a tedious recruiting process, etc. Whereas an external agency can be one of the largest items in a marketing budget, and a vulnerable target during internal budget negotiations.

…So, what should you do?

Well, there is no right answer, both the approaches have their pros and cons, it solely depends on your future business objectives and more importantly, what’s right for your business.

In this article, we will have a critical look at both In-house and creative agency to help you understand what’s better for you.

Benefits Of An In-House Team

Familiarity With Company’s Culture

One of the most valuable aspects of having an internal branding team is its deep connection with the company's mission, values, and culture. It is their passion for fulfilling the company's goal that is hard to recreate with people who are not immersed in the organization 24x7.

However, the trick is to understand the relation of your company's mission to the value it provides to your employees. Is your company something that creative people will be passionate about? Or is your company a more profit-centric or shareholder-value-driven one?

If your mission satisfies the soul of the creatives, you will witness a deep connection but if it is not mission-driven, deeper cultural understanding is hard to achieve.

Deeper Understanding Of Brand

An in-house team lives with the product every day and spends hours shaping and strategizing its path to success. So, it is natural to have a nuanced understanding and a deep sense of responsibility towards the company.

Among other things, an -house team works close to each other, regularly so the communication is more streamlined. This streamlined communication allows for faster decision-making, increased adaptability, and a lesser chance of a creative faux pass.

Sense Of Ownership & Creative Control

Hiring an in-house marketing team lowers the risk of conflict of interest because they share a common goal of effectively building the company and marketing it to the best of their abilities.

To achieve that goal the in-house team uses their deep understanding of the brand and has a clear idea about what to design when to design them.

In a nutshell, the success of a product matters more to an in-house team as they feel a sense of responsibility and ownership towards the company.

Setbacks Of An In-House Team

Not A Cheaper Alternative To Creative Agency

Hiring full-time employees with significant experience and skill sets can be expensive and time-consuming. It is a fair possibility that you may not find the people with the required marketing skills. No matter how great the term 'in-house' team sounds it comprises expansive roles such as – writing, editing, design, social media, SEO, advertising, etc. That may mean you would still be dependent on contractors, and freelancers.

Tunnel Vision

A deep connection to the company is one of the biggest assets of an in-house team but it can prove to be a fatal limitation. In-house marketing teams, by their nature, are very focused on your industry. Although that can be a great thing, it also means they are not exposed to other ideas outside of your company or industry. This focused approach may limit them from seeing the bigger picture and could make your marketing strategies rigid and branding stale.

Benefits Of A Creative Agency

Fresh Perspective

One of the biggest advantages of working with a Creative/branding agency is the depth of knowledge and expertise that follows. they bring an outside perspective to your business and at times identify trouble spots or opportunities that an in-house team might miss because of their closeness to the business. Along with that, they curate a team of creatives that are dynamic, experienced, and well-informed.

Broader Skill Set

A competent in-house team is not a team of one. When you recruit internally you pick the skillset you hire. But with a creative agency, you’ll have access to all of those skills. A typical agency always comprises designers, writers editors, web developers, brand managers, etc and their work will be more refined and coordinated than if you were to just brief a new employee or contract the work to freelancers.

It is an efficient way to save money and time for services you might not need on a full-time basis.

Budget Flexibility

Another key benefit of working with an agency is the flexibility of managing your budget. An internal creative team in difficult times can make a huge dent in a company's fortune or if budgets need to be cut temporarily, it can lead to very difficult decisions about letting people go.

With an agency, it is very easy to scale an engagement up or down. If you have a big launch ahead, you can scale up the agency work to support it and when the event is over, you can reduce your investment and spend that money in other places.

Additionally, you don’t have to pay for office space, training, recruiting, and individual salary, etc.

Setbacks Of A Creative Agency

Takes Time To Understand Your Brand

Unlike your in-house team, a creative agency works on multiple accounts and cannot afford to give undivided attention to your brand, hence they might not have a nuanced understanding of your brand, and intended audience so they can take time to understand the trends of your industry.

Though this issue could be resolved in detailed meetings and sending over brand guidelines, you would require to be patient.

Less Control Over The Content

As the agency is not on-site, you won't have the same access and sense of control as you would have over your employees. Although the approval will be in your hand, they see projects from start to finish.


It all depends on the amount of time and money you are willing to spare. If you’re growing, don’t spend time hiring creatives, it is an expensive and time-consuming affair.

For a startup or small business, we recommend hiring an agency as you don’t have to worry about letting people go, and you have a better hold over your finances. When you reach stability, then try a blended approach. Have a robust in-house team and fuse it with a competent creative agency.

If you wish to rebrand your own business whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.

Why Marketers Should Focus on Sharing Brand Story in 2020



In the current Covid situation, all companies are striving to upgrade their branding strategies to ensure they stay connected with the customers and prospective buyers.


Heart-touching content with a high emotional quotient; featuring family bonding and the greater good of the society, etc. are acting as a magnet for attracting new customers and making the old ones feel more connected to the brand. Brands that are putting out Covid-sensitive content such as brand videos showing they care, etc. have been getting more eyeballs.

Digital Media consumption is at its peak

The increasing number of marketing channels is proving to be a blessing; it is making this time an opportunity more than a challenge. Now is the chance to reach out to your already filtered target audiences who are consuming digital content the maximum during the pandemic. With the stay-at-home government instructions, the consumption of digital media is at its peak and this must be leveraged for sharing the brand story with a message keeping in mind a long-term perspective. The ongoing trends on social media might make brands opt for fancy content but unfortunately, it fails to strike a chord with the potential buyers. In a bid to keep their digital branding trendy, brands are opting for fancy advertisements that don’t register in people’s minds but are just short-lived glories.


Alternative Marketing Channels 

Apart from the conventional and social advertising channels, advertising on gaming apps, streaming avenues is trending. Inserting ads in movies or series which resonate with your brand values are more likely to bring you customers who would be attracted to your offerings and become a potential future buyer. What’s also trending in the branding space is to get the product featured in the movie/visual itself. This is an indirect way of marketing that connects with target customers like magic!


Targeted Marketing is everything

For building a loyal clientele, building a personal connection with the right set of customers is crucial. During this time when digital media consumption is at its peak, the ability to reach the target audiences is bliss for brands. For instance, targeting 300 people who have shown interest in products/services like yours is much better than advertising to 1000 random people who may not be specifically interested in your product.

Owing to the pandemic, many potential consumers may be restricting their expenses and managing with smaller incomes but recovery is not a far cry! Once things attain normalcy, the branding that you invest in today will reap results and bring long-lasting clientele.

Taking it a notch up with Full-Funnel Approach

Another marketing approach that is increasingly being used is the full-funnel approach. It is basically leveraging the customers movements and interests to create an almost personalized marketing plan for each one of them. This approach is the recipe for sustained and continued engagement between the brand and the customer. Once the brand’s identity has been conveyed to initially attract the customer, the next step is vital. Marketers need to continually share their brand story and portray their brand manifesto through impactful and subtle creatives.

Your brand story is your own and should be shared insightfully and creatively on your existing and emerging marketing channels. Sharing your unique brand story makes you the leader rather than a follower. Today’s customers invest in the brand story before investing in the product. Modern-day purchases are mostly preceded by a personal connection with the brand story.

If you have been planning to launch a new startup or rebrand an existing one, now is the time to get started. Whether it is a logo redesign, a website redesign, refreshed messaging, or a complete brand makeover, it’s time you get in touch with professional branding agencies like Vowels to make your vision come true. We specialize in brand consultancy, strategy, brand guidelines, CI manual, brand presentation, and corporate branding.