It was time to launch, and launch with a bang. Together with LifCare, we created communicative designing and a new face, along with consistent advertisement.

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Healthcare startup, Lifcare is hailed as India’s largest online subscription pharmacy that provides chronic medicines to patients at their doorstep, alongside providing free home delivery services as well as monthly reminders. The innovative start up brings a breath of fresh air for patients suffering from chronic diseases and rid them of the hassle of buying medication from pharmacies. The medication reminder service is also an add-on and a relief for patients and their families.

Considering the fact that it is an innovation in the field of health care services in India, it still needed to be a well known brand by creating awareness about its services in the country.

Vowels provided them a platform to engage with their target audience. With the help of our creative geniuses, we helped with LifCare’s website design, SMS marketing, social media networking, infographics, print ads, etc.


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