Ethnic Rajasthan

Ethnic Rajasthan needed to be known as a well established brand representing Rajasthan’s unique tradition to the country. Together with them, we created a creative campaign for them that still runs smoothly.

Helloworld Logo

A traditional lifestyle store that houses ethnic products from Rajasthan, ranging from apparels, accessories to home décor and home furnishing. The main idea behind its creation was to bring the flavors, tradition and culture of Rajasthan in every household. Ethnic Rajasthan’s products represent lively culture, bright hues and enigmatic lifestyle the state is known for.

Vowels collaborated with Ethnic Rajasthan to enhance website development and facilitate social media strategies to reach out to masses.

At Vowels, we helped re-create their website, designed its logo, and implemented social media optimization strategy to bring it up to more than one notch in terms of presentation. With creative graphic designs, banners, designs and social media posts, Ethnic Rajasthan has been given a creative, yet traditional look to appeal to its customer base.


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